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Australia is a country that is very rich in tourism because the attractions it has are excellent. It has a great biodiversity that is not totally discovered and this is what attracts many tourists and not only that to the greatest scientists. in australia one can live with animals of all kinds and visit great museums, incredible beaches, if you know how to dive this is definitely your destination, besides there are very impressive aerial attractions. the people in this place are very generous and attentive, tourism is the most important thing for them and they are never going to reject you a talk. Australias is great and it's really a privilege to be there so what do you expect to save for a trip in this unpredictable destination !?


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China is a city of many luxuries, where they have exotic food that should definitely be tried. Its culture is fascinating and as I have always said, it is not necessary to learn different things, despite its strange culture, it has some of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world. There we can find beautiful museums, the market is a very clean place and it is not a problem to go, as it said impressive buildings and constructions, etc. but the most impressive thing about this place is its great biodiversity, unfortunately the great constructions and ambitious projects of china are destroying it. China seems a very good place not only for its pleasant population, but also for its extensive list of things to do, to know China very well you must have a lot of time to visit. In my opinion a very interesting place and that very few people appreciate it.


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Mexico is an incredible place, where you can do unimaginable things. We can find incredible zoos, very beautiful parks, incredible ruins or temples of the ancestors, etc. The beaches are also part of Mexico and are incredible beaches with very favorable climates, apart from the above mentioned has perfect views (to take incredible photos). the most convenient to travel to Mexico or choose it as the main destination, whether family or friends or simply to meet people, simply is beautiful, apart from the people are very friendly nothing to do with Guatemalans, and in Mexico everything is much cheaper , and really bad. Mexico is perfect for traveling, the tourism of this country is immense.


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Turkey is a beautiful place, full of life and lots of flora and fauna. Once there one is sitting as in heaven, there is so much to do, so if you go there you must give yourself a minimum of 3 weeks to know something decent. there in Turkey there are a lot of things that can be done for example: Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz, Pamukkale, Aspendos, Cappadocia, etc. In Turkey you can forget all your problems or preoccupations, since it is a place where there are so many things to do and all are equally amazing. Definitely Turkey should be on your travel list and if it is not, what are you waiting for?


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Egypt, an fantastic place where you can find incredible things. the most incredible things of this place are definitely its cities, temples and obviously the pyramids of giza. In this place there is a great diversity of things that it does, for example: you can take a cruise to cross the great nile, you can also make red sea tours quite economical and among many other very interesting things. On top of all this there are incredible museums everywhere, where we can learn many things and see what the ancient Egyptians left in this fantastic place. Without a doubt Egypt is a place full of mysteries but it is a place that will leave you eager to return.